About me 

I spent my days waiting for you,

searching the crowd for your face.

I stopped breathing the moment you recognize me,

as you captured,

my soul was with your gaze.

Christy A. Martine

Princesses are made to find a prince, to live happily ever after. 

Almost all of us loved the fairytales we got told when we where little.

Can u remember how u felt after Cinderella got choosen by her prince?

How about Sleeping Beauty? She sleeps in and when she wakes up a lot of guys lost their lives to be with her. 

The best of all fighted his way through to win her heart. 

Yes,  I know most of you will outgrown this childish fantasies. But I do still believe I can find my prince to live happily ever after. 

Soon I’ll turn 30 and my mum starts asking about me getting married and starting a family.


I am living abroad in Beijing. As a girl in Beijing you can have (almost) everything; nice apartment, awesome parties, amazing jobs and lots of fun.

You can meet new, interesting, beautiful people all the time. People who love their life’s and love to live. 

In Beijing you will have awesome dates and great sex (not with Chinese sry)


Beijing is not the place to find love. Guys and girls know they won’t stay forever. So they don’t look for forever. 


I feel tired of being the girl on the go. I wanna be a girl to keep. I wanna be a girl to love, to commit to. I wanna be the girlfriend. 


I try this experiment I will check out different ways of meeting guys and  getting out of my comfort zone to find or be found. I’ll share my feelings, fears and emotions with you. 

So stay tuned and be a part of my journey and see what happens.




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