How to: The perfect Tinder/ Tan-Tan  profile 

Photos are all that matter,

Words are secondary to men.

Tinder is one of the easiest ways to meet people online and is becoming increasingly popular.
Now to get the best result and most dates I asked some of my friends: What is the perfect tinder profile? 

The profile picture

1. Ladies, don’t worry guys are not thinking too much about your Outfit or style.

You just have to be „attractive.“

2. Have 3-5 pictures on your profile, but please don’t wear sunglasses or an extra large hat. Guys want to see your beautiful face.

3. A selfie is always better then a professional picture. Too much photoshop makes you look fake. Nobody wants to date a robot. 😀 

4. If you like your friends please reduce the amount of group pix.

5. If you look for sex keep it sexy. Otherwise cute is the way to go. 

6. The most useful Tipp:
Don’t let others take your pictures in a sexy background (hotel, bed…) „it makes a girl look like a hooker.“

7. Don’t forget to take a picture of your whole body. But please don’t take it in your messy bathroom. Keep a natural background. Nature, Starbucks or a shopping-mall; guys don’t care. 

So now get your phone and take some selfies 🙂

What to write?

Photos are all that matter

Words are secondary to men 

 Said by a friend

Write about you … 

Keep it interesting. Nobody wanna know about ur daily schedule. 
„I like funny girls, who don’t take themselves too seriously, but I don’t really care about the text“

Write whatever you want be honest and straight forward, otherwise you’ll waist each other’s time.
For guys!!!

According to my friends: 

„I don’t like online dating, too many creeps“ 

SORRY Guys 😀  


Tinder … Let’s get started

The future depense on what you do today. 


The easiest way to find a guy is probably tinder. 

Like swab left.

Don’t like swab right. 

I like you and you like me „congrats we have a match“.

This month I will try tinder and date as much „tinder guys“ as I can. 

Trying to find my prince.